Wise Therapeutics Aims to Reduce Barriers to Behavioral Health Treatment with Digital Therapeutics

Wise Therapeutics Aims to Reduce Barriers to Behavioral Health Treatment with Digital Therapeutics

We are delighted to announce the launch of Wise Therapeutics, the developers of Personal Zen. Wise Therapeutics was founded by Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary and Raj Amin to transform breakthrough science into accessible and engaging digital therapeutics that address pervasive behavioral health challenges. The company is passionate about meeting the massive behavioral health needs of the world by creating digital therapies that are engaging, accessible, and clinically effective. 

Wise Therapeutics’ flagship product Personal Zen is clinically validated to target stress and anxiety, with future products addressing a range of the most common behavioral health conditions, including workplace stress, addiction, and depression.

Scientific evidence is the cornerstone of Wise Therapeutics. Over the last 20 years, co-founder Dr. Dennis-Tiwary has directed an NIH-funded research lab translating cutting-edge science into digital therapeutics, like Personal Zen, targeting anxiety, stress, and other mental and behavioral health problems. With Co-founder, Raj Amin, they formed Wise therapeutics to create highly effective products for individuals struggling with pervasive behavioral health issues. Raj Amin has over 20 years of executive leadership and building tech companies in consumer services and healthcare. He founded Teem Ventures, a product development and venture execution service for Fortune 500 companies and incubated companies. 

Every year 40 million Americans suffer from mental health challenges, and of those, over half never seek treatment.  Wise Therapeutics’ mission is to radically reduce barriers to treatment by providing evidence-based digital therapeutics that can be used any time, anywhere.  

To learn more about Wise Therapeutics, visit www.WiseDTx.com and access the Press Release.