An effective, gamified solution to treat employee stress and anxiety

Most stress & anxiety treatments today are only reaching the tip of the iceberg

Activated and Self-Aware

  • Self-aware about personal health or acute mental health condition
  • Open to mindfulness and CBT
  • Make time for self-care

Inactive and Avoidant

  • Feel stigma around mental health
  • Battling chronic conditions, or episodic health challenges, with cost-driving mental health comorbidities
  • Low comfort level with mindfulness, CBT or pharmacologic interventions
  • “Too busy” for self-care with work and home life

As employees return to work after a year and a half of isolation and health scares, stress and anxiety are reaching new levels. Lack of comprehensive mental health treatments cost the economy $1T in lost productivity. But even when employees have access to mental health resources, many don’t have the time or disposition to use or stick with them. Personal Zen offers an engaging, low-stigma front door to mental health treatment, that also helps escalate care for those most vulnerable.

A Clinically Effective First Line of Defense:​

Easy-to-promote first step to manage stress and anxiety

Fun, game-like exercise, stigma-free

Micro-intervention: Use for as little as 6 minutes a day, a few days a week

Complementary to therapy and mindfulness solutions

Use Personal Zen at Your Organization

Learn how Personal Zen helps employees reduce stress and improve productivity when used for minutes a day, a few days a week.

Backed by Research

Wise Therapeutics is committed to increasing access to effective mental health treatments through the intuitive use of technology. Co-founded by Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, a leading psychologist and Director of the NIH-funded Emotion Regulation Lab at Hunter College, Wise Therapeutics translates cutting-edge science into digital therapies that lower the barriers to access, and are as engaging as they are clinically effective. Learn more at

Personal Zen is based on extensive research, including five randomized controlled trials.

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“Personal Zen brings cutting-edge research and well-established strategies for reducing anxiety and stress into the palm of your hand.”

Dr. Shannon M. Bennett

Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College


“Instantly engaging for adults and kids, Personal Zen is a rare example of science turned into fun in order to reduce stress and anxiety.”

Dr. Tony Simon

Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of California Davis


“It has helped me tremendously… I love how the app is in a fun, non-threatening game with the sprites.”   

Maria M. 

Personal Zen User

“Always been a fan of testing out different apps to help me with relaxing at the end of the day or when I walk to school, and this app helped me with exactly that”


Personal Zen User