The first and only anxiety treatment you can play

The first and only anxiety treatment you can play

The App for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Personal Zen is a scientifically validated app for reducing stress and anxiety by building positive habits of attention.

Backed by Research

Personal Zen is based on 20 years of clinical and neuroscience research. Clinical studies show that Personal Zen effectively decreases stress and anxiety when used for only a few minutes a day, several times a week.

Designed for Relaxation​​

Take your time to explore the peaceful regions of Personal Zen – it’s the journey, not the destination that matters.​​

Stress and Anxiety Relief Anytime​​

Reduce your stress and feelings of anxiety in as little as one sitting. Use for longer periods of time to build stress resilience or combat stronger feelings of anxiety. Remember, much like exercising a muscle, positive focus takes practice.​

Use at Your Own Pace​​

Use Personal Zen during breaks in your day or longer sessions while relaxing at home.​

Reduce anxiety and build resilience to stress with Personal Zen.

Personal Zen is a science-based brain-training exercise created to reduce stress and anxiety within minutes and build resilience over time. Using a clinically validated algorithm, Personal Zen recharges our mental batteries by training our brains to focus on the positive instead of the negative. Personal Zen users experience stress and anxiety reduction after using Personal Zen a few minutes a day, 4-5 days a week.

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Can’t Fight This Feeling: Technology and Teen Anxiety

Why we must move beyond “is there” to “how” digital tech impacts teen anxiety.

As featured on Psychology Today.

Anxiety disorders will affect over 90 million people in their lifetime, in the U.S. alone. That’s approaching a third of our population. Yet, only a small fraction of us receive effective, long-lasting treatment. This is especially alarming given the increasing rates of teen anxiety and suicide over the past decade. News outlets like the New York Times and The Economist have been sounding the alarm. 

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The Science​​

Backed by over 10 years of clinical research, the cornerstone of Personal Zen is scientific evidence. Our approach is based on a cutting edge, scientific method for stress reduction called Attention Bias Modification Training (ABMT). Learn more about the science behind Personal Zen and the research of our co-founder, Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary.



“Personal Zen brings cutting-edge research and well-established strategies for reducing anxiety and stress into the palm of your hand.”

Dr. Shannon M. Bennett

Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College


“Instantly engaging for adults and kids, Personal Zen is a rare example of science turned into fun in order to reduce stress and anxiety.”

Dr. Tony Simon

Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of California Davis


“It has helped me tremendously… I love how the app is in a fun, non-threatening game with the sprites.”   

Maria M. 

Personal Zen User

“Always been a fan of testing out different apps to help me with relaxing at the end of the day or when I walk to school, and this app helped me with exactly that”


Personal Zen User


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Download Personal Zen to start recharging your battery and reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Disclaimer: Safety and efficacy claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. PersonalZen is available via the Enforcement Discretion Policy introduced by the FDA in April 2020, allowing computerized behavioral therapies for anxiety disorders to be commercially distributed without a 510(k) premarket notification or prescription.