The Mirror Technique to Boost Self-Kindness

Practicing self love can be difficult for most of us to begin with as we don’t want to engage in self praise. However, that does not mean we should shy away from it. An easy method to try practicing Self Love is ‘The Mirror Technique’. 

The technique is simple. Every morning for a week, start your day by standing in front of your mirror and stating out loud three things you love about yourself. The next day, pick three different things. It might feel awkward or pointless at first but repeating these positive affirmations allows them to travel to a deeper level in your consciousness.

By repeating this daily you will begin to embrace parts of yourself that you usually would not. If it works for you, keep it going after the week is over. You can do it every day or on the days you need a little extra self love boost. 

Remember you can’t be perfect, because no one is. What you can do is love the person in the mirror looking back at you.